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We were delighted when Daniel Parker, a talented photographer from Bury, Manchester asked us to assist in bringing his branding up-to-date.

The brief required us to create a flexible and recognisable logo that was both clean and modern whilst retaining a resemblance to the previous identity.

Our solution was to create an ambigram (a symbol with rotational and/or reflective symmetry) of the DP initials. We used the golden section to ensure the proportions were well balanced and that it would sit harmoniously with other elements in the identity system.

Daniel Parker said this:

“Thank you for the recent work you did for our rebranding project. While the previous design was becoming tired and a little dated, it was important to us to keep the theme constant and continue to incorporate the recognised ‘DP’ of Daniel Parker. You captured the essence of our brief perfectly and we are delighted with the new design which is modern and clean bringing our branding very much up to date. It works well on brochures and in print as well as on web and social media platforms.”

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