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We’ve been working a few projects with the lovely people at Neenah. Recieved their swatch sample cards back this morning and we’re really pleased with the result. The sample brochure is coming along nicely and will appear soon on the website. 

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We’ve been working with one of our long term clients on a rebrand for one of their restaurants in Liverpool. Here’s a sneak peak at the project that will appear soon on the website. 

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Ask any designer (of a certain age) what really gets them excited about their work and many will tell you it’s the tactile quality of a beautifully crafted piece of print.

Nowadays, with most people choosing to invest more in their digital marketing spend, it feels that opportunities to produce this kind of work are becoming scarce, so when it does happen we must seize the opportunity with both hands.

Here are a couple of logo types we produced recently for Fibermark, one of the world’s leading suppliers of luxury substrate finishing for high-end design and packaging applications. They commissioned us to ‘breathe life’ into their names with memorable logos that work well when foil blocked onto a variety of luxury materials.

We think they turned out pretty swell, take a look at some of the samples we’ve just had back.

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After a multi-agency pitch, we were commissioned to create an advertising campaign to help build hype and anticipation for a brand new leisure facility that is being built in Selby next year.

Our solution, ‘FIT’S COMING’ caught their attention as being bold, confident and strikingly different. Over the coming months we’ll be applying this concept to billboards, flyers, banners, posters, press advertising and bus wraps (to name only a few) – Check back soon to see how the project unfolds.

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After a record-breaking year, Bolton-based recruitment company Bromak were keen to build on their success and expand into new sectors. They asked us to help update their brand so that they could move forwards with a new look and fresh strategy.

Being known primarily for working in the construction industry, they wanted to re-position themselves so that they could branch out into new areas, whilst retaining a flavour of where they have come from.

Over the next few months we’ll be rolling out the new look brand across a variety of collateral including exhibition displays, press advertising and through social media channels.

We’re very excited to be working with such an ambitious local company and look forward to showcasing more of our work for them soon.

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We were delighted when Daniel Parker, a talented photographer from Bury, Manchester asked us to assist in bringing his branding up-to-date.

The brief required us to create a flexible and recognisable logo that was both clean and modern whilst retaining a resemblance to the previous identity.

Our solution was to create an ambigram (a symbol with rotational and/or reflective symmetry) of the DP initials. We used the golden section to ensure the proportions were well balanced and that it would sit harmoniously with other elements in the identity system.

Daniel Parker said this:

“Thank you for the recent work you did for our rebranding project. While the previous design was becoming tired and a little dated, it was important to us to keep the theme constant and continue to incorporate the recognised ‘DP’ of Daniel Parker. You captured the essence of our brief perfectly and we are delighted with the new design which is modern and clean bringing our branding very much up to date. It works well on brochures and in print as well as on web and social media platforms.”

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RedmanCasey are an estate agents based in Horwich, just outside of Bolton. We assisted them recently with the launch of their brand and supported them with design, branding and initial outreach marketing to ensure people locally know who they are.

David Redman, one of the founders had this to say about their experience working with us:

“The team at Meme were great in supporting my new business, not only with the brand and logo, but with advice and planning. Since starting less than a month ago we have been overwhelmed with the response and have 21 properties on our portfolio already, with many more about to be added. Brand awareness has provided a major element in the success so far.”

We wish the team at RedmanCasey every success in the future, and look forward to continue working with them as their business grows.

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To give our new brochures more impact, we used a hand embosser to brand up the cover. This process is great for small quantitiy promotions, and can be used on a multitude of different media. It would be great for hand-made business cards or flyers and could even be used to give your letterheads a bit of a lift.

Contact us today to find out more about making a great impression.

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Over the last few weeks we’ve been busy putting together our shiny new responsive website.

It has taken many late nights, countless cups of coffee and only one temper tantrum; but today, we’re proud to flick the switch and send our new baby live. We’ve got more exciting projects to add soon, so be sure to keep checking back to see what we’ve been up to.

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Here’s a peak at what we have treated our amazing clients to over the festive period.